Runaway Soul

I’ve been somewhat shut in these last few weeks. Not in a physical sense, I still visit the outside world quite regularly, but I feel as though I have shut in an aspect that speaks so purely to our human experience: the honesty. The fire that warms our souls and bestows upon us, each, with…

Offset Weekend

Suck It Up, Princess I’m out of sorts. I’ve been away from weekend work hours for years now. But that has all changed with this new gig I’m dancing with. I still get a two day weekend but it comes in the form of Sunday and Monday. In some ways I prefer that combination. A…

Strange Dreams: Building a Train the Wrong Way into The Past.

September 19th, 2017

My dreams have a good way of realigning my heart with my soul, and my mind with the now. Every now and then, when I start feeling like I’m getting lost, or hopeless, I find a connection to the universe through meditation or dreams, coded language in secret alphabets, images pieced together which somehow endows urgent clarity to mend the spirit, inspire direction, motivation, and assurance.

I’ve been feeling uncertain that the last significant decision I’ve made might have been a step in the wrong direction. And while I am still digesting what overcame me in last night’s sleep, something has incited a sense of enlightenment.

So while I devour this Tofu/Spinach/Cheese/Cucumber breakfast sandwich I threw together, I’d love to share with you my strange dream.