The City of Burlington, Ontario is blanketed, as it continues to snow, and I can’t help but celebrate amidst inclement weather warnings. I celebrate the joys of nature, and how they overthrow the economy of man’s day to day, rendering even the biggest egos into helpless fools, skating around in over priced cars. The well paid, however, seem too blind to the hierarchy of the Nature of Things, and blitz down slippery roads with the idea that they’ll just fire the snow if it doesn’t adhere to their paradigm. They are, after all, the Alpha males… Completely useless when it comes down to the functions of human male survival, but when it comes to sending emails or leaving voicemails, you better watch the fuck out.

So I celebrate this inclement weather, The Great Equalizer – Mother Nature, and know that in these times common sense and cooperation are mandatory elements of a safe commute. While I’d rather take to the season by foot, it’s comforting to know that on the road, on these kinds of days, there’s some divine element bigger than money that can bring some of these affluent motherfuckers back to Earth – and like when they pull Freddy Kruger out of dreams and into the real world – there’s nothing he can do but face the good people of real life.


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