The Fox inside one of Toronto’s independent Game Studios, during the late hours – another story for another time.

I can’t reconcile the nature of 2018. I’m not the type of motherfucker who can sit idly while loudmouth idiots start citing their manifestos, broadcasting to countless dependents, begging for something to believe in. There’s nothing. That is all.

Our egocentric society has fools by the numbers, lining up like daft cattle willing the slaughter. “Blah, blah, blah,” all in the name of thyself. They must have lost themselves along the way… Giving way for the machine like behavioral programming onset by the over-exposure to The Medias, and handing control of the wheel over to status-quo.

How do we rebel in 2018, in a time where rebellion is the fashionable norm? Conformity? Absolutely not. The only thing to do is to remain ever elusive in the hands of man made Gods, and build. I don’t stand against my fellow humans, with whom I differ. Rather, I stand alongside him/her to develop a greater understanding, share stories, and continue to cultivate a perspective that extends beyond The Self, but reflects upon The Self, like new stars or Suns of inspiration. Life is, after all, a limited endeavor, and I’d love to see as much of it as I possibly can, even if it means seeing it through the eyes of my fellow people.

Go outside. Meet new people. Have new talks. Hear new ideas. For a moment, Close your mouth and open your mind.

Stay alive, Good People.



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