Along a Long Song

How we can conceive such magnificent innovations as those instruments used to carve movements of time and space into the ether, and the collective progression of the artists hands that would handle them. How we’re so close to divine vibrations, that to remain calm before the gradient majesty, of that which we can only feel,…


the cackle of roaches beyond the wind O surveying this functional crypt found only an glass …spent the rest on tips. Big tits on damp chests the stars dance for few eyes over rain soaked streets I read psalms off her ass in fine print, clak- clak “never look a gift whore in the mouth”…

for a drop

affirmation and consolation hot steam by iced teas and hot pots, like cauldrons of dry provision brewed by merchants of style and taste And the chatter of budgies in glass cages hawks would have them for lunch but in boardrooms… no hawks here, just budgies.

Between Heartbeats

Navigating eternities between heartbeats A negative space exceeding in hopes and aspirations of infinite past lives A thread of Time that even, it, of itself, is rendered awestruck in its vastness An explosion, instantaneously lighted by the immediate culmination of all of history Centered in these brief flashes of light