When I was a wee young lad, in my first punk band, I took a sliver of some spoken word piece that I had penned down in the back of my math textbook (I was never any good at math), for a song called Yourself Destruction. The song was about the growing number of people who were emulating identities, whether sourced from television archtypes or adhering to the Character they’ve been perceived as by their peers. I guess… The loss of oneself in search of the kind of idolization that comes along with the celebrity martyrdom.

That was some years ago.

“The media had rendered the presence of identity and free will obsolete. Through its dictatorship they direct us downward, scarring us with premeditated lifestyles and an everlasting obsession for money, fame, and sex. Chaining society to bedposts in search of post promiscuous coronations and social fortune. Yourself destruction.”


I had uploaded a copy of the song, that I had found buried in my emails at a soundcloud repository where I’d been posting random spontaneous jams. There are a few demo versions of songs from a few different band projects. Most of it is the raw/random recordings on cheap, thrift store microphones.

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