It’s 8:24PM as I write this from behind two panes of glass before my eyes. This whole spectacles business is a strange adoption. I’ve gone from mostly human – au natural, shortcomings and all – to and old man in a matter of hours. This morning I woke up without glasses, and by noon fifty (12:50) I was sitting in front of an optometrist undecided whether or not I was going to give her my real name.

Well hours have come and gone and I’ve since come to terms with my new hardware. This is my life now. I suppose it’s a long time coming. Nearly all of my work, save the old pad & paper that I’m armed with during the waking hours for detailing the minutia of fleeting things, taxes the fuck out of my eyes. Too many screens everywhere. All of the transcription goes into a digital format, all photos I’m editing on a computer, and any video project is all done hammered into a fucking screen. But that’s the cost of the age, I suppose.


It feels appropriate for me to share this short song I wrote called Eyes from 2012:

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