by Ryan Joseph, in the shape of chaos.

Along a Long Song

How we can conceive such magnificent innovations as those instruments used to carve movements of time and space into the ether, and the collective progression of the artists hands that would handle them.

How we’re so close to divine vibrations, that to remain calm before the gradient majesty, of that which we can only feel, would speak to our inability to live.

How we can transcribe those vibrations in luminescent rainbows across soundscapes, through prisms that speak even to the deaf among us, whose understanding of the truth is apparent to even the blindest of man.

How we can channel the dead into the living, and inspire anew, to proliferate subsequent explosions of light, one after another until infinity dims the speckled glow of our night sky – and not before then, though long after our ability to perceive it.

Even in our ascension to, ourselves, fill the darkness, as, ourselves, beacons of light, we’ll sing that song in the void, for none but all to hear, to feel in the deafening silence that would blanket the far reaches of Time, well beyond its own conceptual definition.

One song after another, end on end, crossfading dark to light, light to a dimming finale. And only when we develop an understanding, great enough in scope, to recognize that every 2 minute song is a continuation of every 6 minute song, and every ballad is a piece of a grand operatic symphony, rock or otherwise, next to, not before or after, but simultaneously sequential, with Hip Hop, Punk, Blues, Folk, Classical, Electronic, Tribal, The Cries of Babies Born, The Tears of Mothers Mourn, Euphoric Harmonies of Mutual Orgasms, The Woe of Lost Dogs, The Chime of a Credit Card Declined, The Rage of Protest, The Falsified Truths of Tepid Men, Tied up in Suits and Folly, The Realization Of Defeat, and The Awakening to Our Own True Power,

only then will we begin to realize that We Are Along a Long Song

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i don’t care about formatting today

Only month bygone in 2020 and it feels as though we’ve spent an eternity between now and then. Too much racket from this soulless cabaret act of decrepit old men, nearly bare of conspiracy in their deceitful showing. I can feel my spirit dwindling, burning whatever passion I have left in the tank, for life, or motivation to live for things beyond this illusion of control of which we’re meant to obsess. I watch these silly congregations continue to proliferate into a hapless, non-contact team sport, with ranks of desperate foot soldiers throwing stones from their borders in a self assured proclamation of salvation. “Look at mine! He’s the one! He’s the one, it’s true!” “Never! Ours is, yours is cruel and heartless!” Instead I look upon the ranks, and see what I surely suspected all along – happily narrow, and terribly loud fascist machines. There’s nothing sexy about that. I’m far too interested in the idiosyncrasies of the soul, these a’ many strange and sweet, vulnerable fireflies seeking the security of a mason jar; glass prison. Let me look at you, beautiful light. All I want to do is feel you glow.

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A few snap from School House Studios

Under Stolen Skies @ School House Studios

We recently wrapped recording 2 songs in an old School House (Studios), here in Southern Ontario. I can’t wait to bestow our own brand of political noise on unwilling listeners. Nick, the engineer and owner of School House Studios, is a true professional, and his contributions have re-energized us.

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the cackle of roaches beyond the wind O

surveying this functional crypt

found only an glass

…spent the rest on tips.

Big tits on damp chests

the stars dance for few eyes over rain soaked streets

I read psalms off her ass in fine print, clak- clak

“never look a gift whore in the mouth”

look her in the eyes, how how roaches play

cackling from the shadows

cackling from the pipes

just beyond this window pain

where I listen to roaches

and I long for such freedoms

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